Advice and drawings from landscape architects

Good landscaping is a carefully considered process that involves both gardening and design capabilities. Our landscape architect will do this for you. The architect is part of our comprehensive landscaping team and will also create a design for you as an independent service. The design remains your property, but we offer you many advantages when you let us do all the landscaping service in our hands.

During the design process, we visit your site, consider your wishes, fine-tune them until the final product and of course point to certain characteristics of the space, such as location, relief, weather and architectural conditions as well as existing garden features.

Selection of plants

In consultation with you, the architect draws a plan with specific positions for trees, plants, grasses etc, collect the plant material it recommends for the chosen space and make a 3D visualization of the design. Based on the corrections, you can continue your plant selection as you desire and then the architect prepares the final design of your project. The landscape architect will also create a detailed planting plan with quantities for each plant.
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