Climate changes

Climate change has become part of our everyday life, so it is important to focus our thoughts and actions on solutions to adapt to them and in particular to mitigate or reduce their impact. We are also changing the landscape by constructing new buildings, so leaving a positive green mark behind is our mission to contribute to the environment with every project we undertake.

The power of nature

Trees, or any plant, are an important contributor to the environment. Trees prevent soil erosion with their roots and make the ground stable in heavy rain, floods and landslides. They moderate the wind speeds and provide shade on hot days, retaining moisture and cooling the surrounding area. They also absorb carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming. Planting plants therefore helps stabilizes the soil, stimulates the production of nutrients in the soil, maintains the water cycle that returns steam to the atmosphere and facilitates ecosystem recovery.
Trees also play a very important social role for humans. They are indispensable for well-being and ensure a pleasant place to spend time outside. In fact, people feel comfortable around large trees. They reassure us and give us a sense of existence and grandeur. Planting can also set an important visual accent, such as a distinctive entrance to the house or as an appearance of a pleasant and tidy neighborhood. Imagine a pleasant green environment and then take away all the green that is there. You will find that this is the reason you feel comfortable in this environment. Often a tree has a deeper meaning than just being a plant. Trees are also our heritage planted to mark an important event (birth, moving to a new place) or as a national symbol (eg linden tree). We often value the symbolism of flowers.


We can also make a significant contribution to protecting the environment by being self-sustaining. Growing your own vegetables and fruits has important benefits as it reduces the burden on the environment. Water consumption is reduced, the use of sprays and fertilizers is reduced or eliminated, there is no packaging, no logistics costs and no associated exhaust emissions. Our own vegetables are always seasonal, fresh and much cheaper. Growing our own food gives us confidence in the quality of our food and the satisfaction of having grown something ourselves. Gardening can also be a great hobby and a way to spend time outside.

So why we plant green?

· To protect the environment

· We set an example for the next generation

· We create a pleasant living environment

· Keeping people in touch with nature

· Plants have a positive effect on people and society

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